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I am looking for an old picture posted on the board long ago. It is something that look like a logo for CALB (Chiboard Anti-Loli Brigade) with a girl with pinkish hair, and an MP5 SMG and a lot of bloodspatter. Does anyone know where i can find it quickly?

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Hmm pretty hard to find. Do you know when you saw this picture ? Or may be a poster name ?

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This was a very long time ago, and al i know is what the image looked like, but most likely it was on the Mainboard or the Bloody board as they were the only ones i looked at at that point in time.

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Och, and this was about three or four years ago.

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Sorry, your indiciations are too slight. The best solution is probably to search page by page, that will be very long and boring. :/

For find something, i need a poster name, or date, or topic number...

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Hi Matte,

Actually I've done this picture myself. There was no blood on the original one. I've done all the effects, fire and stuff... You're lucky, I found it on my harddisk. So there it is: And the textless version too:

If you want the original Photoshop file, I can upload it too. :-)

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It's not an MP5 SMS on yours pictures :s

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Awesome, I once had this on my computer, but it got lost as i reformated file :) And... mayhaps you have a larger one for wallpapper usage? :)

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